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          As per Kargil Review Committee Report, there was a serious weakness, in the country's intelligence gathering and assessment capabilities. After several years, the Taj attack also points to same weakness. We have lost many brave personals because of outdated technology and poor quality of guns.

          There is an urgent need to develop simple as well as very complex drones. Drones for spying, Drones for attack and drones to airdrop light and heavy equipments. We should have thousands of them. We should not waste our energy to develop outdated tanks etc.

          Also, we should not waste our resources to develop border roads along the China border. It will be a great mistake as our roads will be more useful to Chinese rather than to us. It is better we should keep destroying easy paths on our side of the border. The drones can be very useful in case of any conflict. We can reach the other side with the help of drones, helicopters and planes and can use their roads for our own benifit.

           So, since we donít intend to cross over to the other side, we should not make their task easy on our side.


For your views