Why the www.wakeupindians.com ?


        Respected guest,

        I wish to see India as a strong and the best country of the world. I have developed the website namely “www.wakeupindians.com” to encourage the people in restoring

        I am of the view that proper development and utilisation of technology can save India from the cancerous disease of corruption and the present silent civil war where at any time any body can suffer due to unpredicted road or rail blockages by a protesting mob, 1984 type anti-Sikh riots, 2002 type Godhra train burning incident and other tragedies like accidents, rapes and terrorist attacks. The information technology can help us tackle such problems more efficiently. We need to act faster than the culprits and we need to make the governing system transparent not only to the public but also to the persons sitting at the decision making positions. Most our leaders don't get the reliable input at the proper time.

        What prompted me to develop the www.wakeupindians.com is my experience with famous institutes related to following innovative ideas and my life tenure in Central Water Commission.

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       During 1991-92, in Central Water Commission my indigenously designed mathematical and hydrological models for river flow forecasting system were destroyed along with the magnetic tapes after the completion of UNDP aided Pilot project (No.IND/85/058). The activity of the UNDP project was considered to be so important that almost every fortnight some VIP was visiting the computer centre. Several hydrologists form the neighboring countries like Pakistan, Japan and China were shown the India's modern technology in the making.

         I remember the scene of the magnetic tapes getting rotten by heat and humidity in the isolated corners of corridors and the computer room being renovated again to accommodate another some other World Bank aided project which gave opportunity of foreign tours to Indian officials.

        These magnetic tapes were having all the source code of India’s indigenously developed flood forecasting models and telemetry supported real time data base system along with thousands of man days work devoted to store several years hourly rainfall and discharge data for the Yamuna river catchment up to Delhi. These most valuable Indian models (CWCFF1 and PEM-FF), even at the development stage, were giving excellent results for actual real time forecasts for the river Yamuna at Delhi and Mawi. The foreign acquired models from USA, Czechoslovakia and Denmark never gave satisfactory results. In the closing report of the UNDP project, SAUL COOPER, the principal consultant of the project had acknowledged the supremacy of India’s CWCFF1 model and advised for its further refinement and development. I do not blame any individual for such loss but the present governing system which still lacks strict guidelines for documentation of official records and proper monitoring of follow up actions.

        Now I am submitting above articles to the public especially to those who are in the process of acquiring new knowledge. I hope they will learn from my experience. I request others to participate with their own experiences and try to form a united forum for the sake of technologies that are mostly ignored or mismanaged.

        We need an organization to help independent inventers, designers and writers in the matter related to copyright, patent, prototype development and marketing of their products. There should be a public investigating agency to verify the research and technological claims of the government organizations.

        I request you to circulate this note among the appropriate persons. May be some one will help us see the beautiful new dawn.

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