This site is dedicated to all those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India, and to all those whom we could have saved from diseases, fake drugs, fake milk, adulterated food, starvation, malnutrition, accidents, floods, draughts, extreme heat & cold, air & water pollution, weak structures, earthquakes, murders, suicides, fires and the immature decisions of some greedy politicians.

We can imagine that their souls are still disturbed. Some want to take revenge, some are so frightened that they are hiding in some isolated dark neglected place and some are still desperately trying to save their grand children from the tragedies that took their lives.

Let all of us pray for the peace of those departed souls and assure them that we will sincerely try our best to

Thousands of freedom fighters have devoted their precious life
to gift us
Independent India



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The history tells us that those who could handle the technology of their  time in a  better way, remained the masters. There was a time of swords and arrows, guns, tanks,   planes,  satellites and nuclear arms. Now, it is the time of computers and IT. The next technology that will change the shape of this world is neuroscience. 

Remember, the future wars will be fought  by sending vibrations from a brain through some wireless type system to pause brain functioning of enemies . 

When we will have a system to read and transfer brain signals of a person on real time basis to another person's brain, the blind will see through the other's eyes. Deaf and dumb will start hearing by their pets. Shape of spying gadgets will completely change. People will start transferring spying virus to other's brain without their knowledge.

It is not a joke. It is likely to happen by some very simple discovery.  Our ancient literature shows that these things have been already achieved in the past.

Can India rediscover such technologies ?

Yes, definitely.

Only after we will stop scams, vote bank politics and the cancerous corruption !

And pay a little attention to the following:

2012 - Just one in 10 toddlers in kindergarten makes it to college. Not more than one 5 % graduates are absorbed in useful jobs. The remaining population of educated and uneducated is engaged in trades like begging, rag picking, robbery, dacoity, paid murderers, laborers, servants, helpers, road side traders, small shop owners, black marketers, paid supporters to some politician's rallies etc. There are many drug addicts who don't have any enthusiasm to do any job but to remain burden to their families. In fact, a negligible population is really engaged in constructive activities. And those working to keep India alive looses many working hours due to small infections. India lost more than twice the amount it set aside for the country's health budget in 2012 to small infections.


Oh my God

10-11-2012: Rs 4,439 crore has literally gone down the drain called the Yamuna. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have told the Supreme Court that they have spent Rs 4,124 crore on making the rive's water potable, but the Central Pollution Control Board told the Supreme Court -- the entire 22-kilometre stretch of the Yamuna in the Capital is a drain.

Rs 9200 crore spent by UP and Delhi government since 1094. Now Rs 5300 crore are proposed again to try Yamuna Action Plan III.  This information is known to the public only because of a PIL in Supreme Court. A scenario like cleaning of Yamuna River may be going on unnoticed in many departments.

Here the problem is that every officer has an assigned duty, and he won't take the risk to comment beyond the subject matter. If the officer is attending the meeting regarding cleaning of Yamuna, he will only suggest the cleaning act even if he is aware that the river is already dead; or perhaps there is more business in keeping the dead patient in ICU.

Is it not possible to have an agency similar to  Comptroller and Auditor General of India to panelize all those involved for Brazen decisions in spending public funds to achieve zero result ?

Army shortages

Can I-T probe black money in realty mkt ?

Poverty and backwardness

12-11-2012 Facing shortage of critical weapon systems and ammunition, Army chief Gen Bikram Singh will brief Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the “hollowness” faced by the 1.3 million-strong force in its defence preparedness.

30-11-2014 The Central Board of Direct Taxes has ordered an income tax department investigation against a number of real estate developers who were recently shown by an investigative portal to be willing to accept anywhere between 10-80% of the property value in black money. Will tax department ever succeed? NEVER in next 5000 years. What is the solution? Legalize black money by allowing people to deposit it in banks in a new different name of account " Black Account". Let the tax department not investigate these accounts but detect some black tax during any transfer of money. The money can go from one Black Account to another Black Account and no cash withdrawal. Let people convert black to white by paying 51% tax.

हमारे देश में अपना  इलाज केवल 35% लोग ही  करवा पाते हैं बाकी के 65 % लोग तो इलाज करवा ही  नहीं पाते क्योंकि जिस देश में 84 करोड़ लोग हर रोज केवल 20 रुपये पर गुज़ारा करते हों वो लोग इलाज कहाँ से करवाएँगे

Oh my God

16-11-1012  News: Files of 9 secretaries to PMs destroyed
RTI Plea Prompts PMO Admission - The President secretariat even denied information to Bhattacharya, arguing that such details were not readily available and would require compilation that would disproportionately divert resources of the public authority.

The possible remedy - to save the country

The RTI needs to be strengthen further.
The RTI is the most effective solution. It needs to function flawlessly with the support of modern technology. It should not be limited to Govt departments only.  A real time data base to record the movement of Govt files from one desk to another desk and soft copy of each noting page at the central data storage system is required. The file movement record of each table should be monitored by an independent monitoring authority by the use of specially designed software to check any delay in action and work load at each table. A babu, up to the rank of LDC  should be required to update the data base regarding the following three points on every working day. Public should have access to the data base.

1. When and from whom the file is received.
2. Soft copy of the page of noting.
3. When and to whom the file is dispatched.

In fact, the complete administrative working should be computerized on the line of  banking system. Most of the data, that can be acquired through RTI act, should be freely available on real time basis by the internet facility. It may take more than 100 years for the government to get developed such simple data management system by its own resources like NIC for a simple reason that none of the babu will like to be part of this monitoring system. This type of monitoring system will be very helpful to any working government too as it will reveal several astonishing facts of some dumped files.

To break the unholy nexus between the neta (leader), the lala (businessman) and the babu (bureaucracy) there is a need to have a new independent institution (TPR) to deal with transfer, promotion and recruitment of all government employees. This institute along with all the institutions such as the proposed Lokpal, the Central Vigilance Commission, UPSC and the Central Bureau of Investigation should be made constitutional entities, shielding them from government interference.


We need CAG type independent agencies for continues monitoring of working of all public and government departments. The observation and action part of all departments are required to be split into independent units. For example: FIR recording should not be with the police department. Similarly, the flood forecasting and river gauge observation need to be looked after by independent units. The same principle should be applied to record the success of Moon or Mars missions etc.


Oh my God

18-8-2012: Our legal system has made life too easy for criminals and too difficult for the law abiding citizens, the Supreme Court said on Friday, referring to the “dilatory tactics” of the L N Mishra murder case accused in dragging its trial for the last 37 years.

Who is supposed to improve our legal system?


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"The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
Albert Einstein - refugee from Nazi Germany
21-12-2012:  Victim of Sunday's brutal gang-rape continues to be critical. Doctors say she would not be able to eat normally again and would have to be fed intravenously. On Wednesday her entire intestine was removed as it had turned gangrenous.

Today, the government elected by the people of Delhi has no control over the police, which means there is no real accountability to Delhiites for failures of the police. So, the Citizen of Delhi don't have equal fundamental rights as compared to people of other states.

The CM brought up the demand for Kumar's sacking in the wake of the rape when she met Shinde. Dikshit has argued that the city government could not be responsible for law and order as the police works under the home ministry.

Damini, the Delhi gang rape victim dies in Singapore hospital at 2:15 am on 29 Dec. 2012.
Let's resolve that we will not let her death go in vain.


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